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What are the advantages of HGMA construction waste brick machine
Apr 19 , 2022

Hgma construction waste brick making machine has reasonable design and compact structure, realizes the whole process automatic directional vibration, does not need manual feeding, and the labor intensity of workers is low; In the process of brick making, the frequency conversion and amplitude variation mode and the fully compatible mode of polyphenyl interval vibration and whole process vibration are adopted, which is suitable for the production of high-strength blocks (bricks). After forming, the stacking robot can be used for stacking, and one machine has multiple modes, which can realize the function of producing finished bricks of various specifications; 

concrete block making machine

The compound vibration damping system of air cushion spring and rubber spring is adopted between the vibration table and the frame to reduce noise and effectively prolong the service life of the mold and the host; The operation is simple, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to maintain and easy to use; There are many varieties and complete specifications, including economic type, semi-automatic type and full-automatic type. Suitable for large, medium and small enterprises; Adopt hydraulic and mechanical transmission mode, with multiple functions of automatic, linkage and manual control; The membrane phase structure is reasonable, the material is exquisite, and it will not deform after long-term use. And can ensure the precise size of block forming.

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