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What's meaning of the model and category of concrete block forming machine
Mar 16 , 2022
Cement brick machine is also called concrete block forming machine. Its environmental protection and efficient advantages are the key for our customers to choose it. When choosing cement brick machine, we must understand its models and the differences between different models. In order to facilitate customers to find the right model, we will come
The concrete block forming machine is introduced in detail
What are the common models of brick machines and how to distinguish different models of equipment
The common cement brick machines on the market are divided into hydraulic type and vibration forming type. They have different working principles and equipment structures, but they can produce cement bricks. Let's introduce them one by one:
1、 Hydraulic cement brick machine

It is mainly hydraulic forming, with high pressure and slightly high formed bricks. After demoulding, it can be stacked directly without supporting plate, which saves a lot of supporting plate costs and does not need a large area of maintenance site. The common models of this type of cement brick machine are: ymza315, ymza830 and ymza1200. The pressure tonnage of different types of equipment is different. To distinguish different types of equipment, we can distinguish them from the number of formed bricks. Ymza315 can press 10-12 standard bricks at a time, ymza830 can press 20-24 standard bricks at a time, and ymza1200 can press 36 standard bricks at a time.

The above are the models and advantages of hydraulic cement brick machine. Its disadvantages are: high investment cost, requiring professional and technical personnel to operate and maintain. It is more suitable for some large cement brick factories, and the brick blank produced has high sales price and wide application.
2、 Vibration forming cement brick machine
This type of equipment is mainly vibration forming. Due to the low forming pressure of brick blank, the brick blank needs the support of supporting plate after forming, and can be separated from the supporting plate after natural maintenance, which determines that it needs a large number of supporting plates and maintenance sites. The common models of vibration forming cement brick machine are qty4-15, qty6-15, qty8-15, qty10-15 and qty12-15. Some manufacturers may have other models. To distinguish different models, we also determine from the number of bricks. The number of standard bricks formed is 26, 36, 42, 48 and 56 respectively.
The advantages of vibration forming cement brick machine are: low investment cost, low requirements for production process, production can be carried out after simple training, and the price of brick is low, which is very popular.
The above are the common models of different types of cement brick machines in total. How to distinguish different models is very important for customers to investigate manufacturers and equipment, avoid buying small models of equipment at high prices, and know whether the cement brick machines they buy can meet their own output requirements.
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